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CyberTools develops innovative technology solutions that help librarians, collection managers and their patrons manage information and materials.

Independently owned since 1986, CyberTools brought its advanced technology expertise to the library marketplace in 1998. CyberTools is a high-end, low cost Integrated Library System offering A to Z, easy cataloging, and superb digital resource and print Serials Management. Combining unique and powerful research tools with elegant product design to improve efficiency for time-challenged information managers, CyberTools a great fit for all special and academic collections.

CyberTools for Libraries Pin Above all, CyberTools values building a quality product and long term client relationships. Ongoing, active development occurs in close partnership with those we serve. CyberTools enjoys a reputation for high integrity products and services, and as its community continues to expand, our success relies on the good word our clients pass on to colleagues.

CyberTools users convene during regular free webinars concerning a range of product topics, and in conjunction with major library conferences. Virtual User Meetings enable hundreds of users to participate in CyberTools planning and decision making. Free open-forum Q&A webinars enhance structured distance learning programs. The Users Group pin shown is designed by Margaret Vugrin, MSLS, AHIP, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Mark Roux, President, has managed the development of clinical and financial applications, software tools and systems since 1979. Prior to founding CyberTools, Mr. Roux was at the Center for Cost-Effective Care at Brigham & Women's Hospital, a Harvard University Medical School affiliate, and was a consultant to Boston area teaching hospitals and Fortune 500 corporations. He served as a member of the ANSI board governing M Technology, and is a regular speaker at technology conferences. Mr. Roux is a tireless supporter of libraries and an articulate proponent of client-driven digital and physical collections systems design.

Kristin Sen, M.L.S., Client Support and Development, has worked in libraries for 20 years. She joined the CyberTools team after serving as manager of the largest multiple hospital library system (and CyberTools client) in her state. She has also held a position at an academic library. She is co-author of the article, “Conducting a user-centered information needs assessment: the Via Christi Libraries Experience” published in the Journal of the Medical Library Association, April 2007. She has extensive experience with the evaluation, budgeting and promotion of electronic resources and databases, and with successful grant writing. She is a regular presenter at regional library conferences, is active in her regional MLA chapter, and is on the board of her local public library. Ms. Sen has a B.A. in English Literature from Kansas State University and earned her M.L.S. from Emporia State University.

Lori Roux, Vice President of Operations, has an extensive consulting background that includes capital project assessment, financing, health care market research for industry, and RFP authoring. Early in her career Ms. Roux was an award-winning fiscal manager for a multinational health care organization with a 75-person staff. She has an Economics degree from Northwestern University and a MBA from Boston University.

Sanford Stein, M.S., Consulting Software Developer, has been working in information technology for 25+ years. He was the primary support staff for CyberTools at the Rush University Medical School Library for 14 years, managing system and software development. Mr. Stein has served as an assistant professor in Rush’s Health Systems Management graduate program where he taught Information Systems and Statistics. Mr. Stein has degrees from Northwestern University and the Illinois Institute of Technology.

CyberTools owns these associated service marks and registered trademarks: CyberTools for Libraries, CyberTools, CyberM, CyberBus, CyberWin!, CyberJ, CyTools, and CyberTools logos.

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